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Inveteck Global, founded in Ghana, is an Africa-based innovative cybersecurity firm established by experts in the field of cybersecurity and networking. We provide bespoken strategic guidance and technical solutions to all our clients to best server their needs. Our reputation for reliability and quality service is built on our hands-on research and problem-solving approach. Inveteck Global is the first cyber security company in Ghana & Liberia to offer 100% Practical Training in Cyber Security. Our reputation for reliability and quality service is built on our hands-on approach.



  1. To bridge the global cybersecurity skills gap through high-value practical training.
  2. Ensure the security of clients infrastructure and environment.

  3. To provide cost effective training.


To be the most nurturing cybersecurity company in Africa and establish a long lasting relationship with our clients.


Service to our country

To use our skills and expertise to provide our country with the best cyber security training and solutions.


Our clients can depend on us to set a standard in service delivery on budget and as well as commitment to excellence and innovation.


Embracing change if it means streamlining a process, modifying a deliverable or adjusting a timeline that will improve customer satisfaction. Initiative To identify flaws for success and create mitigations. We take calculated risks to achieve our goals. We pursue excellence, as individuals and as a corporation, in everything we do.