Professional Services

General IT Audit

We offer comprehensive IT audits, evaluating vulnerabilities, risk, and regulatory compliance to protect against threats.

Information/Cyber Security Audit

Our security audit identifies vulnerabilities, assesses risks, and ensures compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

ISO 27001 Internal/Conformance Audit

Our auditors assess clients' ISMS to ensure compliance with ISO 27001, conducting internal/conformance audits for information security management.

ISO 27001 Managed Services

Partnering with us for ISO 27001 Managed Services offers proactive, cost-effective information/cyber security solutions and expertise.

PCI-DSS Implementation

Streamline your PCI-DSS implementation journey with our expert assistance, ensuring efficient and effective compliance achievement.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 BCMS assures resilient operations, minimizing disruptions, and safeguarding stakeholders amid today's uncertain business landscape.

IT Project Management

We ensure efficient IT project management, minimizing risks and delivering timely results within your budget.

ISO 27032 Cyber Security Implementation

We provide ISO 27032 Cyber Security Implementation as a Service, strengthening businesses against cyber threats.

Networking and Security Consultation

Our experts analyze challenges, provide tailored solutions, and guide clients to enhance system security.

Vulnerability Assessment

We assess vulnerability, helping organizations manage technology risks to prevent exploitation by identifying and eliminating misconfigurations.

Penetration Testing

Our expert testers identify system vulnerabilities, simulating real attacks with owner-approved assessments.

Red Team Simulation

Our red team creates advanced cyber-attacks mimicking adversaries to test the speed and effectiveness of the organization's blue team in detecting and stopping them.

Web & Mobile Application Development

We prioritize security while developing high-quality web and mobile applications, combining technical expertise and creativity.

Professional Training

ISO 27001/22301 Certification Training

Get ISO certification training to secure and strengthen your business operations with our certified trainers.

Practical Ethical Hacking Training

We offer practical ethical hacking training using expert hackers and safe simulated labs for our trainings.